Building a Great Founding Team

It is coming up on my fourth anniversary since I began working on EquityZen, so I have been taking a nostalgic trip through my email archive. I came across a piece I wrote for Wharton Magazine on building a great founding team (full piece with context is available here). I’m thankful all that three of EquityZen’s founders remain committed as ever to our original mission. The below excerpt summarizes well the dozens of reasons for our solidarity…


Two Point Perspective

Earlier this year, I was on a flight to San Francisco (I used to “commute” from NYC to SF every month). Since I don’t mind early morning flights, I was excited to catch up on work, reading, and ticking off my digital errands over the six hour flight. On my reading list was a Hacker News article about hiring. I had been on a Paul Graham essay binge, and it seemed like an appropriate follow-up. Seeing the HN page on […]