Part-Time Genius Trophy Winners

Tupac studied ballet and was in his high school’s production of Nutcracker. Ikea uses 1% of the world’s wood to make its furniture. Einstein’s brain was about 10% smaller than that of the average human. I learned these and about a hundred other mind-blowing facts from a podcast I got into beginning last summer: Part-Time Genius (“PTG”). The hosts, Will “Will” Pearson and Mangesh “Mango” Hattikudur, describe PTG as “their newest adventure, built on the premise that learning is much more fun […]

ROI of Automation: Should You Automate X?

Should you automate X process?

I recently came across this classic chart from xkcd on evaluating ROI of automating a manual process. As Zapier’s engineers seem to do, I will be keeping a printout of this chart at my desk. Thanks to this article from Wade Foster, founder of integration automation startup Zapier. H/T my co-founder, Phil Haslett, for sharing the article.