Media Training 101

public relations

Notes from my chat with journalist Chikodi Chima   Chikodi Chima is an experienced journalist. As a novice in the world of PR, I had the pleasure of picking his brain. He might be coming by 500Startups’ offices in early December to share more thoughts on media training and journalism broadly,so keep an eye out for an email. My notes below are mostly unstructured, so if you have questions on anything in particular, stop by my desk. You might consider […]


Two Point Perspective

Earlier this year, I was on a flight to San Francisco (I used to “commute” from NYC to SF every month). Since I don’t mind early morning flights, I was excited to catch up on work, reading, and ticking off my digital errands over the six hour flight. On my reading list was a Hacker News article about hiring. I had been on a Paul Graham essay binge, and it seemed like an appropriate follow-up. Seeing the HN page on […]