ROI of Automation: Should You Automate X?

Should you automate X process?

I recently came across this classic chart from xkcd on evaluating ROI of automating a manual process. As Zapier’s engineers seem to do, I will be keeping a printout of this chart at my desk. Thanks to this article from Wade Foster, founder of integration automation startup Zapier. H/T my co-founder, Phil Haslett, for sharing the article.

Cognitive Biases: A Cheat Sheet

As humans, we are susceptible to many forms of cognitive biases. On my short list of “annual reads” is the below cheat sheet of cognitive biases neatly grouped by John Manoogian III, inspired by a well structured article by Buster Benson, a worthwhile long read. Click on the graphic to see a larger version.   Another source with similar information, though at least for me, harder to consume is Wikipedia’s List of Cognitive Biases. Yet another is a smaller, easier to process though less comprehensive graphic compiled by Business Insider.

My Spirit Animals, My Neighbors

Leopard in Mumbai, India

Author’s Note: I’m not sure you’ll get much out of this post. It is more of a personal diary entry more than anything else. Still, if you’re intrigued by two of my favorite animals, read on… The BBC’s Planet Earth series narrated by David Attenborough changed my life. As is the case with many others, watching it uncovered a love for wildlife and nature I never quite realized I had. The series was first released in 2006 and on its […]