Cognitive Biases: A Cheat Sheet

As humans, we are susceptible to many forms of cognitive biases. On my short list of “annual reads” is the below cheat sheet of cognitive biases neatly grouped by John Manoogian III, inspired by a well structured article by Buster Benson, a worthwhile long read. Click on the graphic to see a larger version.   Another source with similar information, though at least for me, harder to consume is Wikipedia’s List of Cognitive Biases. Yet another is a smaller, easier to process though less comprehensive graphic compiled by Business Insider.

Building a Great Founding Team

It is coming up on my fourth anniversary since I began working on EquityZen, so I have been taking a nostalgic trip through my email archive. I came across a piece I wrote for Wharton Magazine on building a great founding team (full piece with context is available here). I’m thankful all that three of EquityZen’s founders remain committed as ever to our original mission. The below excerpt summarizes well the dozens of reasons for our solidarity…

Media Training 101

public relations

Notes from my chat with journalist Chikodi Chima   Chikodi Chima is an experienced journalist. As a novice in the world of PR, I had the pleasure of picking his brain. He might be coming by 500Startups’ offices in early December to share more thoughts on media training and journalism broadly,so keep an eye out for an email. My notes below are mostly unstructured, so if you have questions on anything in particular, stop by my desk. You might consider […]